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In 1992 one of the most talked about and respected young tenant attorneys in New York City was strategically planning to establish a unique law firm which would consolidate the practice of landlord and tenant law with tenant buyouts. After perfecting his legal and business skills at large firms, Michael K. Brown announced the long awaited and predicted formation of the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown and with it, the entire field of landlord and tenant law and tenant buyouts was changed forever. Now, after over 24 years and more than 2,500 cases later, the firm has re-invented and perfected the tenant buyout field and is firmly established as the most successful, aggressive and prominent tenant buyout firm in New York City. The firm is so highly regarded in the buyout field, that it is commonly referred to simply as “The Buyout Law Firm”. A review of the “CLIENTS” page on this web site clearly demonstrates just how successful and appreciated the firm is by their clients. All of the client testimonials and videos are authentic and honest testimonials by actual clients. Each client was asked to give their testimonies under one condition – that they be honest. Because the buyout agreements include strict confidentiality clauses, clients could not use their real names and addresses – only their initials could be used. For tenants, the firm has a proven record and reputation for being the ultimate advocate and in doing so has also become the most feared and hated law firm by landlords, developers and their attorneys. The firm is obsessed with honesty and perfection and is passionate about protecting their clients and getting them the highest buyouts possible. A review of the firms staff below, demonstrates just how committed the firm is to hiring and retaining the brightest and most successful cutting edge professionals in the buyout field. Each staff member is well known and respected in their respective fields and together create the ultimate tenant buyout law firm. The firm looks forward to maintaining their superior reputation and exceptional track record for successful tenant buyouts in the future and are committed to exceeding their client’s expectations and goals. We appreciate your interest in our firm and are always available for free individual or group consultations, speeches and assistance with the formation of tenant associations. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We look forward to meeting you.

Michael K. Brown

Jacob Assaraf
IT Specialist

Aida Ifergane
Senior Paralegal

Julie Wittert

Neta Chizhik
Michael K. Brown Founder

Michael K. Brown is a Senior Attorney and founder of the firm. Michael’s professional passions are landlord and tenant law and negotiating buyouts for tenants. His personal passions are his family, traveling, learning, music, science and art. He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1990 and the United States Eastern and Southern District Courts of New York in 1991.

Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law School,
New York Juris Doctor, 1989
Constitutional Law Review, Editor-in-Chief
Journal of Translational Law, Senior Staff
Journal Of The Suffolk Academy Of Law, Senior Staff
The Fifth Annual John S. Bainbridge Moot Court Competition, Participant
MEMBERSHIPS (current and former):
New York State Bar Association
American Bar Association
Phi Alpha Delta International Law Fraternity
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
B.A. in Political Science/Law, 1984
Justice, Central Judiciary Board
Justice, Appeals Board
Director, States Affairs
Senator, Student Government Association
Vice President, Secretary and Rush Chairman, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity
Crisis Counselor, Crisis Intervention Center
Legal and Non-Legal:
Speeches ( Tenant Rights and Buy Outs )
Tenant Associations ( Formation and Strategies )
Athletic Coach for Special Needs Children
The Vitamin Miracles Foundation, Executive Director
The Dying Declarations, Executive Director
The First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion and Use of Controlled Substances, 3 Const. L. Rev. (1989)
Sex Discrimination and Police Recruitment, A Title VII Action, 2 Const. L. Rev. (1989)
The First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion and Compulsory Medical Care, 1 Const. L. Rev. (1988)

Nathaniel Muller Senior Associate

Nathaniel Muller is a Senior Associate at the firm. He initially attended Law School in France, where he obtained an LLM in Law. He then attended Hofstra Law School and was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1999. Nathaniel is also admitted to both the United States Eastern and Southern District Courts of New York. Nathaniel began practicing in the area of Landlord Tenant Law in New York City in 2000 with a focus on defending tenants and negotiating buy outs. Nathaniel’s specialty includes identifying development sites and assemblages and evaluating buyout values based upon zoning, air rights, local trends, costs, expenses and profits of each project. When not working, Nathaniel enjoys jogging and spending time with his family.

Jacob Assaraf
Information Technology Specialist

Jacob Assaraf is an Information Technology Specialist at the firm. Jacob specializes in the use of ultra high technology, computer security and data collection.

Aida Ifergane
Senior Paralegal

Aida Ifergane is a Senior Paralegal at the firm. She was born in Morocco, grew up in Paris and attended University of Strasbourg where she received the equivalent of an MBA in Finance and Accounting in 1984. She also attended Hunter College in New York City in 2000 to study advanced English. Aida’s specialty is in forensic accounting, finances and valuation of development sites and buyouts. Aida has 11 siblings and 3 children.

Julie Wittert

Julie Wittert is a Paralegal at the firm. She received her B.A. in Psychology and A.A. in Jewish Studies from Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women in January 2014. She is the oldest of six children (i.e. the “built-in babysitter”). Aside from playing with children, Julie also takes care of women with special needs in a group home on the weekends. Julie’s specialty is in assisting our attorneys in the defense of tenants and negotiating buy outs.

Neta Chizhikis

Neta Chizhikis a Paralegal at the firm. She is currently studying at Stern College pursuing an undergraduate degree in Pre-Law Studies; double majoring in English and Economics. Raised in a trilingual home with three sisters in New Jersey, Neta has taken a keen interest in Manhattan Real Estate after having moved there for her studies. In her free time, Neta enjoys exploring the city she now calls home, reading and playing piano.

Neta’s specialty is in assisting our attorneys in the defense of tenants, negotiating buy outs and investigation of public documents, local trends and the potential of development sites..