Due to confidentiality / privacy issues, client identities cannot be disclosed.

“I just learned some important lessons: (1) Never think you are smarter than everyone else and can ‘game’ the system, (2) There’s a reason why successful people hire attorneys, (3) General knowledge is not power – specialty knowledge is power, (4) General, Real Estate and even Landlord & Tenant lawyers are not Buyout lawyers and (5) If you need a Buyout lawyer – there’s only one in NYC and his name is Michael K. Brown. I began my buyout negotiations with a Landlord and Tenant Real Estate lawyer and the most I was able to get was $250,000. After hiring Michael K. Brown to take over my case, I settled for over $2,000,000.00. That’s the difference and value added that Michael K. Brown got me”

 C.B., Tenant

“The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown is the only law firm in NYC that specializes in Landlord & Tenant Buyouts. That’s why they get the most money for their clients. Never move out of your apartment before speaking with them – even if you’re planning on moving – isn’t it better to leave with something then nothing?”

 L.R.M., Tenant

“Michael is the most respected buyout attorney in NYC. He’s professional, honest and aggressively advocates for tenant rights.”

 M.S., Tenant

“Michael and his staff handled our buyout perfectly. We really appreciated all of their help. They are truly dedicated to their clients. All of our emails and phone calls were responded to in a timely manner and all questions were answered in a clear and understandable way. We highly recommend them for all buyout negotiations in NYC.”

 S.H., Tenant

“Thank you Michael for all of your work on my buyout. You were a pleasure to work with.”

 S.C., Tenant

“I highly recommend The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown to negotiate all buy outs. Michael and his staff are very honest, professional and respectful. Hiring a Landlord and Tenant attorney to do a buyout case is like asking a plumber to fix your computer. You’re always better off staying with a specialist then someone who’s going to use your case to experiment and learn from.”

 S.G., Tenant

“I highly recommend The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown to handle all buy out cases.  They are not just Landlord and Tenant attorneys – they are buy out attorneys and it makes a big difference.”

 J.D., Tenants Association Member

“If your feet hurt, you wouldn’t  go to a Dentist.   So why would you go to a Landlord and Tenant Lawyer if you really want a buy – out?  The truth is, buy – out law should never be a side practice – it’s a specialty.  That’s why I retained the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown to represent me against my landlord in buy – out negotiations.  They’re known as ‘The Buy – Out Law Firm’ and Michael is definitely the ‘King of Buy – Outs’ in NYC.”

 M.K., Tenants Association Member

“If you’re having a Landlord and Tenant legal problem, then you should hire a Landlord and Tenant Law Firm.   But if your real goal is to strike it rich with a great buy – out, then you should hire the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown.  Michael is like Robin Hood, he takes from the rich landlords and gives to the hard working tenants.”

C.G., Tenants Association Member

“Michael is a shark. Once he gets his teeth around big shot developers and their arrogant attorneys, he never lets go. He’s obsessed with winning and is passionate about his clients’ goals. This is legal representation at its highest level. Michael is also a great hand-holder who will take you step by step through the buyout process and reassure you and give you confidence along the way.”

W.L., Tenants Association Member

“I have a message for all the big NYC developers and their show – off attorneys: If you think you can outsmart the Law Offices of Michael K Brown, then be prepared to have your development projects delayed indefinitely, lose a lot of money, and even declare bankruptcy. When the banks come running after you, you’ll have nobody to blame but yourselves and your big-shot lawyers who promised you victories but only delivered excessive bills and no results. We little guys like that and even count on you falling into this trap. In the end, when you have to write us out those big buyout checks, we laugh all the way to the bank.”

P.H., Tenants Association Member

“Big NYC developers have four things in common: 1) they’re all arrogant, 2) they all get milked by their high priced attorneys, 3) their projects inevitably get delayed between three and ten years due to their refusal to accept initial buyout offers and 4) when they finally do accept the buyouts, they wind up paying the same buyouts initially demanded. These factors were revealed to me by the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown and throughout the litigation unfolded word for word. The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown is exceptionally skilled in using this secret formula against all major developers and their attorneys.”

D.R., Tenants Association Member

“Nobody negotiates tenant buyouts like the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown. They know how to turn a developer’s arrogance and love for money into huge buyouts for poor tenants. That’s why I’m rich today. It’s also why NYC tenants call Michael K. Brown ‘Robin Hood’.”

S.B., Tenants Association Member

“Big developers and their big law firms have a lot to be scared about—when their tenants are being represented by Michael K. Brown.”

S.F., Tenants Association Member

“My case was very complicated. I had a prior landlord and tenant attorney represent me and a fully executed buyout agreement. However, I subsequently found out that the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown could get me more than five times the amount I had already settled for. I retained Michael K. Brown who then aggressively fought for my rights in Housing Court, in Supreme Court, and then at the Appellate Court and was finally able to get me a much better buyout deal that I was truly entitled to in the first place. For this, I’m very thankful and would be proud to recommend the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown to any tenant in New York City seeking a buyout from their landlord.”

L.M., Tenants Association Member  

“The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown is known for being the most successful New York City Landlord and Tenant buyout law firm. There’s a good reason why they’re the number one buyout firm – it’s because they get the highest financial awards for their tenant clients. All of the largest developers and their attorneys know Michael K. Brown, and what he’s capable of doing and therefore quickly settle with him for the most amount of money possible.”

T.F., Tenants Association Member

“Michael K. Brown has consistently been called the number one Landlord and Tenant buyout attorney in New York City. His firm’s settlements have always been the highest of all other law firms. Landlord Tenant lawyers are a dime a dozen in NYC but when it comes to buyouts, they usually mess things up. That’s why you should start off with the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown as soon as your landlord starts talking about buyouts.”

P.A., Tenants Association Member

“Michael K. Brown is the most aggressive tenant advocate in NYC. I highly recommend his firm if you’re going against a powerful developer. He knows all of their tricks and beats them all the time.”

W.F., Tenants Association Member

If a developer is trying to pressure you into giving up your apartment—call The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown first—you’ll be glad you did.”

G.G., Tenants Association Member

“Im a senior citizen and I became sick with anxiety and depression upon finding out that my landlord wanted to evict me in order to demolish my building and build a sky skrapper. I didn’t know where to turn to. That’s when I found out about The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown. They literally held my hand throughout the entire process and took care of me as if I was a family member. I felt 100% safe and protected by them and was thrilled with the buyout results. The landlord gave me a substantial amount of money which allowed me to find another apartment and have enough money to last the rest of my life. I’m forever grateful to the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown and their entire staff.”

A.M., Tenants Association Member

“When my landlord asked me to move out because he wanted to develop the site – I thought I had no rights. I was just about to pack up and leave. That’s when my attorney referred me to the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown. From that moment forward, my life changed. I went from being scared to being confident. In the end, I made enough money to buy another apartment and even had enough left over to last my entire life.”

Dr. M.B.

“I’ve been a long time resident of New York City for almost a half a century. I have come to appreciate and love the city and have always felt very comfortable living here. That all came to a sudden halt when my apartment and building were targeted by a developer who wanted to tear it down and build a huge complex. I was at a loss. Letting go of this city was not an option for me, and thankfully I found the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown. They fought hard for my rights and helped me receive enough money to resume my life in NYC. You can trust Michael K. Brown 100% to get you the best buy out deal—never leave your home without him.”

M.D., Tenants Association Member

“Nobody knows how to put NYC developers in their rightful place like Michael K. Brown. His firm does a great job at representing tenants.”

K.G., Tenants Association Member

“When our buildings were sold to a large New York City developer, we all got very nervous and scared – until we chose to retain the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown to organize us into a Tenants Association and represent our rights and interests. In the end, the large developer quickly realized that they were no match for us and were forced to give each of us six figure deals together with wonderful new relocation apartments at close to the same monthly rents, in the same neighborhood for the rest of our lives. We were all, obviously, very happy with the results and could not have done it without the commitment and team work of the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown – they are absolutely wonderful to deal with.”

P. R., Tenants Association Member

“We have all lived in our apartments for many years and could not afford to move, so when our buildings were being targeted for development by a large developer, all of our lives were instantly turned up – side – down and became very stressful. We had no idea what to do or who to turn to for help. We heard of the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown and the wonderful results they got for other buildings, but we didn’t even know where to begin. We interviewed some lawyers, but none of them had a lot of experience in this very specific area of the law. We needed a real power house shark to protect us – that’s what we got when we hired the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown. They represented us so effectively and aggressively, that they literally scared the developers into giving us all six figure deals. We loved the results and we appreciated all the good work by the team at the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown.”

W. W., Tenants Association Member

“My case was extremely emotional and sensitive, so I needed to retain a very special law firm to represent me.  The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown was always professional, honest, and caring and very sensitive to my goals.  They did an outstanding job and I am extremely grateful.”

D.C., Tenants Association Member

“I never trusted lawyers—until I worked with the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown.  They were always honest and honorable.  They truly fight for their clients and handled my case with amazing expertise.”

R.F., Tenants Association Member


“After hiring The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown to take over buyout negotiations from my Landlord & Tenant lawyer, my buyout went from a few hundred thousand to over $2,000,000.000 for my studio apartment. There are hundreds of Landlord & Tenant lawyers in New York City, but there’s only one lawyer who actually specializes in buyouts and his name is Michael K. Brown. He gets his clients millions of dollars more than anyone else. You get one shot at a buyout – make sure you have the best lawyer!”

 C.P., Tenant

“They aren’t called ‘The Buyout Law Firm’ for no reason – The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown are the best in the business. And Michael is not called the ‘Buyout King of NYC’ for no reason – he’s the ultimate tenant’s advocate and will get you a life changing buyout settlement for an apartment that you don’t even own.”

V.E., Tenant

“Nobody organizes and represents Tenants Associations like the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown. If your organization wants to hire a shark that all the big developers and landlords are scared to death of, then go with the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown – you will feel and become instantly empowered. They have been practicing Landlord & Tenant law in New York City for over 15 years and have done over 2,000 cases. They know the law and how to make it work for Tenants Associations. Whether it be top dollar deals and / or great relocation apartments, your rights will be fully protected and your deals will be incredible. What at first seemed to us to be a doomsday scenario later turned out to be a blessing for all of us – thanks to the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown.”

C.S., Tenants Association Member

“My law firm is one of the largest real estate firms in New York.  I have worked in the Landlord and Tenant field for over 14 years and have previously worked with the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown since 1994.  My office has referred over 140 Landlord and Tenant cases to Michael’s office and am honored to state that they won 100% of all the cases.  You heard that right, 140 cases, 140 victories.  What more can I say—they are amazing, efficient and a great law firm.  I highly recommend them for all Landlord and Tenant matters.”


“Michael is exactly what NYC tenants call him—Robin Hood.  He takes from the rich NYC landlords/developers and gives to the tenants.  Landlords and developers hate him—he costs them millions of dollars and holds up their projects for years while protecting the rights and interests of tenants.  Thank G-d he is on our side.”

K.G., Tenants Association Member

“There’s a good reason why the smartest tenants in NYC choose The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown to represent them in buy – out negotiations with their landlords, because they want someone who’s a buy – out specialist, not a Landlord and Tenant Housing Court attorney.  Michael doesn’t take on hundreds of new clients a year and doesn’t handle tens of cases a day in Court.  The firm will only accept a handful of new clients a year and will only work on ten properties at a time.  What this all means, is that The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown can really focus on your case and make sure that you get the best results possible”.

D.B., Tenants Association Member

“Michael knows the law and the business of buy – outs in NYC.  He’s 101% honest and passionate about what he does.  Savvy tenants love him and big shot developers hate him.  It was great to have him on our side.”

C.B., Tenants Association Member

“Michael has redefined landlord and tenant buyouts and in the process has created a specialty niche. Michael uses cutting edge technology to checkmate developers and their attorneys in order to protect tenants at every stage of the buyout process.  Michael is a true hero and champion of tenant advocacy in NYC and has become the most effective weapon a tenant can have against developers and their attorneys.”

A.P., Tenants Association Member

“Thanks to the great legal work done by the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown for our Tenants Association, we are all about to become millionaires! That’s right, you read that correctly. The staff and attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown are literally miracle workers. They turned what should have been a legal impossibility only a few months ago into an incredible success story involving a few New York City rent stabilized tenants who were up against one of the city’s largest and most powerful developers. From the moment the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown took charge, our strategic position just kept getting better and better. Not only are they great to deal with, but they are honest, intelligent and highly professional.”

L. K., Tenants Association Member

“The people at the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown are terrific. Besides being great lawyers, they are all very good people who really care and protect their clients. In New York City, a good law firm is not so hard to find, but a superb one with honesty, integrity and wonderful personalities is a real keeper – that’s how I feel about the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown and the work they did for my family. They saved our lives from a major real estate developer who was trying to evict us from our homes of over 40 years and gave us a very bright (and very rich) future – thanks for all of your hard work.”

S. B., Tenants Association Member

“I’m an attorney- so I was very careful in my choosing the right law firm to represent our Tenant’s Association against our multi-Billion Dollar landlord/developer. I did my research, dotted my I’s, crossed my T’s and asked a lot of questions. To make a very long story short, we just went with our gut and hired the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown. A year and a half later- we were all still sure that we had made the right decision. I wound up surrendering my apartment in consideration for a 1.4 million dollar buy-out. This deal could never have been done without the commitment and hard work of everyone at the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown.”

E.A., Tenants Association Member

“Thanks a million-literally.”

C.A., Tenants Association Member

“The Law Offices of Michael K. Browns’ web site uses words like “commitment” “teamwork”, “intelligence”, “innovation”, “integrity”, and “excellence”, how’s that for truth in advertisement.”

L.E.O., Tenants Association Member

“They are simply the best!”

V.P., Tenants Association Member

“Thanks to the attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown, my family won big-time against our developer-landlord. In the end, we got six years free rent and all of our attorneys fees were paid for by the landlord”

W.N., Tenants Association Member

“Honest with a capital H, Dependable with a capital D and Committed with a capital C. That’s how I would describe the folks at the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown.”

A.A., Tenants Association Member

“NYC landlords/developers have lost tens of millions of dollars and wasted away years and years of project delays and costs in order for tenants to be victorious in the on-going war between the rich and the poor.  Michael truly is Robin Hood.  Thanks to all of your hard work—NYC tenants have a meaningful advocate and landlords/developers have a formidable enemy.”

M.J.S., Tenants Association Member

“I strongly recommend the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown for all Landlord and Tenants matters. They did a great job for me and I appreciate all of their help.”

S.G., Tenants Association Member

“I remember my first meeting with Michael, and then our first Tenants Association’s meeting with him. His long, detailed and persuasive discussions with our group were impressive. But, I wanted to be assured that the person he appeared to be before we retained his office to represent us would be the same person after we retained his office. So, I came right out and asked him. He smiled and said ‘yes’ in a genuine and sincere answer. Fast forward about two years later and it was clear he had been true to his word. Michael remained tenacious, ethical, and communicative throughout. After all of the DHCR proceedings, potential court litigations and negotiations back and forth, we settled with one of the city’s most successful real estate developers. I bid farewell to my apartment and greeted new opportunities thanks to the considerable buy-out Michael negotiated. I unequivocally am able to recommend his services.”

E.E, Tenants Association Member

“Almost a half a million dollars and a brand new apartment for the rest of my life- do you need any more reasons to consider the Law Offices of Michael K.Brown for all of your Tenant Associations legal matters!?”

P.S., Tenants Association Member

“The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown took on our landlord/developer (who is considered to be the most influential, powerful, and wealthy developer in New York City) and went head to head with his team of expensive attorneys in an all out war.  Mr. Brown and his staff did a wonderful job and I was very impressed with the results.  I would definitely recommend the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown.”

J.F., Tenants Association Member

“Rich landlord, poor tenant.  Fast forward two years –a couple of hundred thousand dollars in my pocket – poor landlord, rich tenant.  Michael K. Brown is truly a modern day Robin Hood.”

S.C., Tenants Association Member

“Good job and many thanks for all of your help.  It’s true—you are the NYC tenants’ version of Robin Hood.”

M.W., Tenants Association Member

“I am a long term senior citizen of New York City and thanks to the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown and the buy-out deal they got me; I have enough money for my retirement to last my entire life. I’m having a great time and enjoying my new life with more money than I ever dreamed of. I found a new apartment in a great location and I’m traveling all over the world. I was so used to my old apartment and run down building, that I never knew what I was missing until I moved out.  I would never go back and thank G-d I don’t have to.”

J.P., Tenants Association Member

“The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown has handled hundreds of our Landlord and Tenant cases since 2000 with over a 98% success rate—no other Landlord & Tenant law firm comes close. Their fees are reasonable, their attorneys and staff are always honest and professional and their consistent commitment to integrity and excellence is unmatched. They always exceed our expectations, save us time and money and increase our projects’ profitability. The Firms’ philosophy and approach to Landlord and Tenant relations is both unique in our business and is one of the core elements to the Firms outstanding results. I always highly recommend the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown for all Landlord and Tenant matters.”


“I was a member of a Tenants Association involving three small old Rent Stabilized buildings in New York City. Our buildings were purchased as part of a large assemblage of other buildings by a very large developer, who intended on knocking down all of the buildings to make way for a large complex of offices/hotel/condo towers. We were all professionals, intelligent and quite sophisticated, but we had no experience in dealing with all of the complex Landlord and Tenant legal issues that arose. We immediately met with the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown who spent countless hours, days and even weeks carefully answering all of our questions and explaining the legal process and all of our rights and options. We hired the Law Firm, at first, to defend us against multiple harassment tactics and attempts by the owners to drive us out of our apartments. Afterwards, we realized just how valuable our buildings/apartments were to the owners. They had to get all of us out before they could start demolishing our buildings and the longer it was taking for them to do this, the more money they were losing. It was literally in the millions!  Finally, the Law Offices of Michael K. Brown was able to negotiate buy-out deals for all of us. We gave up our apartments, found other apartments, and got paid. We were all extremely happy and satisfied with the Firm’s representation.”

S.S.G., Tenants Association Member