Pro Bono

The Law Offices of Michael K. Brown has a long history of commitment to the communities it serves and the people and organizations that create and support these communities. Our law firm is frequently called upon to give speeches about landlord and tenant issues and gladly assists in the formation of tenant associations throughout New York City.

As members of the legal profession, the Firm strongly believes that pro bono work creates a strong bond and meaningful connection between an attorney and the personal satisfaction derived from being involved in projects that are both meaningful and satisfying. The pro bono experience is both encouraged and supported at the Firm. Pro bono work creates lasting positive experiences and impressions which enhance and shape the attorney’s personal life and professional career. The Firm’s philosophy on all aspects of the practice of law reflects an intense understanding of the “people first factor” in all aspects of life and strongly believes that by putting others first, you also nurture the community, the profession and yourself.