Rent Overcharge

Welcome to our Law Firm’s
Rent Overcharge Page

This is what we need to verify:

1) Is your landlord charging you the legal rent?

2) If not, how much should your rent be? and

3) How much money does your landlord owe you?


Let’s get started!

Step One

• Get your leases/renewals for the past six years

Step Two

• Call us at (212)643-8007 or Contact Us to set up an appointment

Step Three

• Bring your leases/renewals for the past six years to your scheduled appointment

That’s it – you’re all done and
We look forward to meeting you and
hopefully getting you a

Big refund and lower monthly rent!

Our Fee is only $500* which will be FULLY REFUNDED if we are successful
(*depending on the case additional fees may apply).  The fee includes the following services:

• Research (based on official government documents and information), in-depth analysis and calculations of your rent and

• If you have been overcharged – we will contact your landlord and/or file a complaint with the government for rent overcharge


Please print our flyer and give it to your neighbors and friends.
We will try and help them as well.